FORMULA STUDENT                                                            
The Formula Student is an automobile competition organized by SAE International - Society of Automotive Engineers, for all students of engineering schools worldwide. Supported by the automotive industry and engineers at the highest level, this competition aims to challenge these young people to design and build a prototype of a racing car to compete in dynamic and static events.
This is an extremely exciting race with more than 300 teams from around the world competing in several countries such as Japan, USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Brazil and Australia.
More than a simple proof motor sport is a test of competition in engineering, where participants must face the construction of this single-seater as a commercial product. 
This event puts to the test the knowledge acquired in the educational institution and encourages the acquisition of new multidisciplinary skills, soft skills and teamwork, focusing on CDIO teaching methodology (Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, Operating), thus forming the best professionals to the future.
The ISEP - Formula Student is a team of the Institute of Engineering of Porto which aims to participate in this competition. Currently is in the final phase of construction of the first prototype and start planning the next vehicle.


Fernando Ferreira (